An Invitation to Membership

Entering The Mission Field

Everglades Community Church is an ecumenical and inclusive non-denominational Christian church serving the Everglades/South Naples area bringing a spiritual message of hope and redemption, firmly grounded in Scripture and the teaching of Jesus Christ, to our community and visitors. We invite you to consider one of the following avenues into membership of Everglades Community Church.


Profession of Faith and Baptism is the initial entrance into membership when confessing faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and receiving baptism.


Reaffirmation of Faith is renewal of the initial profession of faith after a period of inactivity in a church fellowship.


Transfer of Membership from any Christian denomination. We recognize Baptism from all Christian churches.


Associate Membership for any Christian residing in our area for an extended period. This membership entitles you to the fellowship and pastoral care of Everglades Community Church and to participation in activities, including holding of an office.


If you have questions about becoming a member, call

Phone: (239) 732-5878

or email us at



David Gates: Webmaster