God at Work

The Bible records Jesus performing 34 miracles. These were really BIG miracles such as feeding the 5000, giving sight to the blind, etc. Sometimes we look too hard to find God at Work. It was very easy to see God’s influence and help as we recovered from Irma’s devastation. That was a BIG example of God at Work. But, when we only look for the BIG things God does, we miss God at Work:

Every time someone prays it’s God at Work.

Every prayer, card, flowers sent to Sue Turner was God at Work.

Every heartfelt condolence to Chris Ammerman and her family was God at Work.

The surgeon’s hands repairing Mike Mol’s back were guided by God at Work.

Every time someone accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior, God is at Work.

Every box packed for our troops is God at Work.

Every sermon preached and heard in person or by web site is God at Work.

Every bit of food, cards, and condolence shared with Helen Bryan and her family was God at Work.

Every new person who decides to worship with us is God at Work. (13 this season)

Every mission the ECC supports is God at Work.

Gator and Arlene’s niece, Kelly, was born with cystic fibrosis. Her chance for a long fulfilling life were two: slim and none. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder where one of the genes causes the build-up of mucus in the lungs. Life expectancy for all is short. CF researchers have developed an enzyme that blocks the mutant gene. Effectively those taking the drug do not have CF. The problem is the drug is only effective in four percent of the cases. Then God entered the picture! Kelly is in the 4% and today she does not have CF and can expect to live a long, full, productive life. That is God at Work.

It's been 18 months since Irma effectively "trashed" Everglades Community Church. Eighteen months spent working like it depended on us and praying like it depended on God. Both were true. 


Below are two 60 second videos shot by a church member on her cell phone. The video was taken on Chokoloskee Island during hurricane Irma and shows the full fury of the storm winds  and the devastating flooding



          This building was completed by April 1940 on land donated in May 1939 by the estate of Barron Gift Collier, founder of the county which bears his name and its largest landholder. The congregation at that time was Presbyterian, officially established in 1926, and had met in various places in the city. Before then, various visiting pastors served the area, the first being the Reverend George W. Gatewood in 1888. One condition of the gift of land was that the structure be erected before October 1, 1940 and that the church be non-denominational. Both conditions were met when the dedication ceremony took place on May 5th, 1940. The town was a Collier company town with buildings constructed of ship lap siding, a tin roof, and flooring made of Dade County pine. A fellowship hall and breezeway to the southwest was added in the late 1950s. The digital carillon was installed in 1990 and chimes hourly. On September 4, 2007, Everglades City proclaimed the church to be historically preserved because it “provides links with the aspirations and attainments of the City’s pioneers and their descendants.” The bell tower and narthex were repaired in June, 2008, as the first step in a complete restoration of the building.